Monday, 30 April 2012

Overcoming Boredom

Halfway through the year, it's a sure bet that at least 45% of people who set out to be more fit this year have already given up. Sure you gave up because you were busy or overworked or there was just one too many things on your plate. Many of you still want to achieve your goals whether it's losing that extra few pounds or just going for the best shape you can.
Determination > Boredom
Determination is a necessary quality whether you are beginning a new project or staying the course of an older one. Determination keeps you going even when you want to quit. Determination pushes you out of bed in the morning and drives with you to the gym. Determination can help you avoid the boredom traps along the way.
 Trap #1 - Expecting results overnight
 Trap #2 - Using a repetitive routine with no variations
 Trap #3 - Not planning ahead for any exercise
Boredom Traps

The problem with boredom is that we are a society that is weaned on instant gratification. We want fast loading computers, fast running cars, the shortest, fastest line at the supermarket store (even the do it yourself line is faster if no one is in front of us) and we want the perception that we're going to get there before anyone else.
It's the 10 second rule. You look around in a department store for assistance and if you don't see anyone who can help you in 10 seconds, you feel like you've been looking for several minutes. This may seem delusional, but in retail, remember, the customer is always right.
We want results and we want them now. You work out for a week, getting up every morning and doing your best - you want to feel like you did something by the following day. You want those results and too often when you don't get them, you get bored with the routine and either give up or try to do something else.
Boredom Punishes

Even when you don't get results overnight, you can push yourself too hard. You can do the same grueling routine over and over and over again. You can become convinced that doing it just one more time will get you the results you want, it worked in the beginning right? Remember, we've talked about muscle memory and our muscles are a lot smarter than we are sometimes. Doing the same routine over and over again without varying doesn't build or burn, it just maintains.
Boredom is Boring

Boredom can exist anywhere in a workout routine. It can be the repetitive motions, the repetitive atmosphere or even just using the same equipment over and over. (I love my treadmill, but occasionally I really need to give it a break). Sometimes you need to plan ahead (what may seem to be a boring task) what you will or won't do in your exercise routine in order to avoid more boredom in the future.
What do you do?

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