Kids Summer BootCamp



How important is health and fitness for your children? How often do your kids get out of the house, run around, throw balls, hop, skip and jump and play with other kids? If you want to get your kids out of the house and active this summer book one of our Bootcamps. 

About Kids Bootcamp

  • Games based activities designed to promote fitness and fun
  • Get your kids working in a team
  • Multi-sports activity to improve balance, co-ordintation and agility.
  • Build the fundamentals for any future sport
  • Sessions run by UKCC qualified childrens coach
All of these activities are important not just for health and fitness but for co-ordination, balance and agility. Skills that children will need in later life.

BOOK YOUR PLACE HERE or CALL Nigel on 07403 557 855 for more info. PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE

When & Where  

  • Tuesdays 3.30 -5pm for 6-9 year olds
  • Thursdays 3.30 - 5pm for 10-13 year olds
  • Starts Tuesday 31st July & Thursday 2nd August 
Children develop new and diverse skills at different ages. We split the groups from 6-9 and 10-13 to take account fo the varying level of skill and attitude towards exercise.

Don't worry if it's raining we will use the Marque room at Bowdon Rugby Club

How do our Kids bootcamps benefit children?

True Vigor Kids Bootcamps are energising, challenging and designed to build endurance, strength and flexibility in children by focusing on the FUNdamentals of movemment - agility, balance and co-ordination. All activities are games based so that kids get fit whilst playing and having fun and conform to UK Coaching Certificate standards. 

“If you've ever watched kids on a playground, you've seen the three elements of fitness in action when they run away from the kid who's "it" (endurance), cross the monkey bars (strength) and bend down to tie their shoes (flexibility). Our Kids Bootcamps build these key elements of fitness with age appropriate games and team activities which follow a child’s natural instincts” says Nigel Brierley, owner of True Vigor.

Nigel Brierley is an Elite Personal Trainer and qualified Children’s sports coach with over 30 years experience. He is qualified in the FUNdamentals of sport needed to develop excellence in any sporting discipline, Long Term Athlete Development, safeguarding and protecting children and disability inclusion. My programmes conform with UK Coaching Certificate standards.   

Only £36.00 for 6 weeks - 1 and half hour session per week. If you are away for some of the summer you can also pay as you go for £6.00/session. 

Book your Bootcamp here or CALL Nigel on 07403 557 855 for more info. PLEASE BOOK IN ADVANCE!

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